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Elgin's Lodge at Leven No. 91
5 Manse Place  Leven  Fife  KY8 4LF

In the Province of Fife & Kinross on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.


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The first meeting of the steering committee to form a lodge was in the house of Mrs Williamson in the village of Kennoway in September 1762.

A charter was requested from the Grand Lodge of Scotland and this petition was read in Grand Lodge on the 8th February 1763 and was approved. (This is date on the Charter).  The petitioners were Thomas Peat, who was the first Master, Christopher Seton, Alexander Livingstone and other Brethren.

The first meetings were held in the house of Mrs Williamson on the Causeway in Kennoway.

The regulations of the Lodge cover seven pages of the first minute book and on the 9th September 1763 and on the 4th October 1763, 79 men described as members of Elgin's Lodge at Leven signed their name and one made his mark. They signed on the pain of undergoing such penalty or censures the Lodge shall think proper to inflict on any of us if we act to the contrary, Witness our hand.  A remarkable number of people to be founder members and able to write their name.

On the 5th April 1768 the Lodge agreed to impose a fine of 4 pence on any Brother who, living within 2.5 miles of the Lodge did not attend the meetings without a reasonable excuse, and 6 pence on office bearers.

From around 1774 the Lodge was operating in Leven but it is not known where this was. It must have been in the west of the town as in one of the minutes it is noted that the Lodge marched in possession from the west of Leven.

The corner stone of the first Lodge was laid in Leven on the 1st of July 1794. (This had been held in abeyance for 10 years due to lack of funds). They must have had a treasurer like our current one as he was only prepared to pay one of the Brethren for cartage 6 pence from Scoonie Den and 8 pence from Durie Quarry.

The first Lodge was lit by gas in 1839.

The foundation stone of the current Lodge was laid 8th October1898.

The most famous Master is Field Marshal Earl Haig who was Master in 1925.

The Lodge was given up as a barracks at the start of the first world war and it was agreed in committee that the Lodge would not make Masons as long as it was occupied by the army.  It was also used for the same purpose during the Second World War.

As there appears to be no record of a change, it can be assumed that the ritual used today was agreed around 1820/30.

The Lodge is in possession of all the minute books thanks to a Brother, who, was instructed by the Master to go out and collect them form all the Brethren who had taken them from the Lodge. He did this, and as he was a joiner had made a large chest and the books are still in the chest. This took place around 1885.   

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